Dangerous Products

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Dangerous Products

Product Liability Claims Lawyer

As a consumer, you have certain rights when you purchase a product. You also have the right to be safe when using or consuming the product.  Likewise, companies that manufacture the products you utilize and consume have a duty to make them safe for such use. People put their trust into the companies that manufactured the products or had a part in the finished product. All companies involved have a duty to have properly tested them to make sure they are safe for either use and/or consumption. While product testing and safety seems reasonable and may even be required by law, many manufacturers cut corners and don’t follow standard practices or industry guidelines or even the laws in place.

Consumers need to be able to depend on the safety of the goods manufacturers sell to the public. When manufacturers fail in their responsibility to maintain safety and people are injured or die as a result, the businesses that made those goods should compensate those who have been injured.

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