Oilfield Accidents

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Oilfield Accidents

Texas Oil Field Accident Lawyer

Every day throughout the State of Texas, oil field workers face dangers on the job. If you have been injured in an oil field accident or on an oil rig getting legal help is extremely important. The big oil companies will do all they can to minimize your accident and injury claim. If you have lost a loved one in a drilling rig accident, don’t face the future alone. The experienced oil accident lawyers at The Law Offices of Shane McClelland will aggressively pursue your on the job injury claims or wrongful death lawsuit. Call 800-741-0718 to talk to an oil rig accident attorney at The Law Offices of Shane McClelland about your oilfield injury claim.

Texas Drilling Rig Accidents and Injuries

Although the oil industry has advanced their drilling technologies over the years, oil drilling rigs and offshore oil platforms are dangerous places to work.  Oil field workers and oil rig workers face several different types of hazards in their work environments. From exposure to toxic chemicals to the exposed moving parts of heavy industrial equipment; the towering oil rigs, oil platforms, and pump jacks are simply dangerous to work on. Even when using the most optimum safety conditions, oil rigs and drilling accidents can occur.

Oil Rig Accidents and Drilling Injury Claims

Oilfield workers can be injured due to unsafe conditions, poorly maintained equipment, or malfunctioning equipment.  An oil rig accident, a natural gas drilling site injury or offshore oil platform accident can sometimes result in death due to heavy machinery accidents, falls from great heights, crushing accidents, explosions and electricity hazards. If you have been in an oilfield accident or a loved one has died in an oil drilling accident The Law Offices of Shane McClelland can promptly investigate the causes. If an accident becomes a fatality we can interview workers or bystanders, help in preserving evidence and identify the negligent parties, in the event you decide to pursue a wrongful death action.

Oil Drilling Rig Accidents and Liability

Dangerous drilling and pipeline work have become a way of life in Texas. When these jobs result in injury to you or the death of a loved one, you need an experienced oil rig accident attorney that understands product liability and premises liability issues as well as the different sources of compensation that may be available for your claim. Depending on the job site and location, oil field accidents and injuries can be caused by the negligence of several different companies and/or parties.

Identifying the responsible parties and holding them accountable is the key to collecting the maximum compensation for your injuries. A typical oil field injury claim could implicate a subcontractor, a third party on the job site, a government entity, or even an equipment manufacturer.

Getting Financial Compensation for Oil Rig Accidents

The injuries or deaths that can result from an oil rig accident can be devastating and change the rest of your life. Whether you’re disabled or disfigured, or learning to live without the same mobility you once enjoyed, or having to face the future without a companion or loved one, your future can involve serious financial challenges.

The accident attorneys at The Law Offices of Shane McClelland understand that oilfield accidents and drilling rig injuries oftentimes require an attorney willing to fight aggressively on your behalf. The big oil and their big insurance companies don’t really care about you. We are here to help even the playing field and will take your oilfield accident case all the way to trial and appeal, if necessary.

The Law Offices of Shane McClelland works on a contingency-fee basis, so there are no attorney’s fees if there is no recovery. Call us at 800-741-0718 or 713-987-7107 for a free case review.