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Our law firm represents individuals who have been injured while working on maritime vessels, offshore oil rigs or other jobs at sea.

Seamen and other persons who are injured on the job at sea or while working on maritime vessels or offshore oil rigs have special rights and protections under the law. The Merchant Marine Act of 1920, also known as the Jones Act, provides protections and compensation for seamen and others who work upon U.S. territorial waters.

Under the maritime laws, ship owners and platform owners must maintain those vessels in a seaworthy fashion. A vessel may be made unseaworthy due to faulty equipment, an unsafe working environment and/or improper safety procedures on board the vessel. An injured seaman has the right to pursue just and fair compensation for injuries suffered due to negligence on the part of a vessel’s captain, the crew, a vessel owner owner or due to a vessel’s unseaworthiness. The Jones Act allows for damages that may include medical expenses, lost present and future wages and maintenance and cure.

Not every maritime worker is a seaman. A lawyer can help you determine if you are the type of worker who qualifies for protection under the Jones Act.

A variety of vessels are covered by the Jones Act, including fishing boats, semi-submersibles, water taxis, shrimping boats, ferries, riverboats, tugs, trawlers, tankers and barges. One of the most dangerous places for seaman to work is aboard an offshore oil rig, many of which are classified as vessels. Additionally, workers injured while being transported to and from an offshore oil rig may also be covered by the Jones Act in certain circumstances.

A maritime Jones Act case can be very complicated. Because some maritime operations can include many companies with overlapping responsibilities for safety and supervision, it is vital to engage an experienced Jones Act lawyer. An experienced lawyer can help advise injured seamen on the best course of action. Every injured seaman also should be aware that the statute of limitations on Jones Act cases is three years from the time of his injury, meaning a claim must be filed within that time or his rights are forever barred.

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