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Our law firm represents individuals who have been injured by dangerous or defectively designed, manufactured or marketed products and holds negligent manufacturers accountable.

Dangerous and defective products injure and kill many Texans every year. Malfunctioning products can range from cars, gas tanks, cruise control systems, tires and airbags to car seats and seat belts, as well as a variety of consumer products, like halogen lamps, contaminated food or drugs, children’s toys and even cribs and high chairs. Stories of contaminated peanut butter, E.-coli-laced vegetables, firearms with faulty safeties, rollover-prone ATVs and cars with accelerators with a mind of their own have recently splashed across the news. Each of these products has at least one thing in common: negligence by a manufacturer which led to an injury.

A defective products lawyer can demand that a negligent manufacturer pay victims for their medical costs, their lost wages and the pain and suffering they endured due to a defectively designed, manufactured or marketed product.

Unfortunately, some defective products make their way to the most vulnerable members of our society. Improperly designed children’s toys, chairs, blankets and clothing are the worry of every parent. Similarly, defective medical applications like faulty bone screws and hip implants, poorly designed Kugel mesh hernia patches which break apart within the body, shoulder pain pumps and cold therapy systems without proper instructions have each made their way into homes and care facilities all over Texas. The list of these products goes on and on.

When any such products cause harm, a product manufacturer may be held liable to provide compensation for the injuries caused by these faulty and defective products.

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