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The Law Offices of Shane McClelland, in Houston, Texas handles Motorcycle accidents and injuries as well as related Motorcycle catastrophic injury claims.

Most often, it is the thrill and freedom of the open road that draws motorcyclists to the Texas highways. Unfortunately, however, drivers cannot always see motorcycles as easily as they can other cars which can make riding a motorcycle dangerous. Simply riding a motorcycle can be dangerous, but if you are injured in a motorcycle accident caused by another motorist, it is likely you may have suffered a serious injury.

Besides a helmet and some leather clothing, there is little else in the form of safety equipment to protect the motorcycle rider from a catastrophic injury. If you have been injured in a motorcycle crash you need the experienced motorcycle accident and injury lawyers at The Law Offices of Shane McClelland. Our attorneys have extensive experience handling cases involving motorcycle accidents in Houston, and can assess your case at a free initial consultation.

Motorcycle accidents can happen to any rider and when they least expect them. The motorcycle accident attorneys at The Law Offices of Shane McClelland, in Houston, Texas know that motorcycles have as much right to Texas highways as do cars and trucks but many automobile drivers disregard this fact.

If you or your loved one is involved in a motorcycle accident, you may be entitled to substantial monetary compensation. It’s important that you have one of the experienced and knowledgeable motorcycle accident lawyers in Houston, Texas, like those at The Law Offices of Shane McClelland. Depending on the particular facts of the case, you or your loved one may be able to recover for any of the following:

  • Physical Pain and Suffering
  • Medical Bills
  • Property Damage
  • Mental Anguish and Loss
  • Lost Wages and Income
  • Disfigurement

Motorcycle Accidents are often caused by another driver’s negligent actions, and these negligent or inattentive actions include:

  • The driver turning directly in front of a motorcyclist
  • The driver entering the street from a driveway or parking spot and pulls out into traffic in front of the motorcyclists
  • The driver is talking on his cell phone
  • The driver’s failure to yield at an intersection or running a stop sign or red light
  • The driver’s inattention while driving past a motorcyclist
  • The driver’s failure to look both ways when resuming travel after stopping at a stop sign
  • The driver impaired by drugs or alcohol

If you are a motorcyclist, you are probably aware that other users of the Texas highways do always pay you much attention and their lack of attention to you creates dangers that lurk around every turn as you navigate your way through traffic.

Injured Texas Motorcyclists have rights and our injury attorneys are committed to defending them. Let the experienced Houston motorcycle accident attorneys at The Law Offices of Shane McClelland, help you to evaluate and pursue your motorcycle accident or injury claim.

The Law Offices of Shane McClelland, works strictly on a contingent fee basis and advances all upfront costs of a case which include investigation, case development, litigation, expert witnesses and court costs. Those expenses, in addition to our fee, are deducted from the ultimate recovery. But if we are not successful in a recovery in your case, we absorb all costs and charge no fee.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle crash, contact The Law Offices of Shane McClelland, at 713-987-7107 for a free case evaluation to discuss your legal options.

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