Hurricane Damages and Storm Claims

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The Law Offices of Shane McClelland represents individuals treated unfairly by their insurance company in the wake of hurricanes and storms.

Our beautiful Texas beaches, lakes and vacation spots come with a natural hazard – the annual threat of hurricanes and dangerous storms. Texas boasts 367 miles of coast from South Padre Island at the southern tip to Port Arthur on the Louisiana border. Texas is also home to over 3,300 miles of coastal shoreline. The Texas coast is not only home to millions of Texans; it is also one of the fastest growing and most densely populated regions in the nation.

Unfortunately, if you live or operate a business on the coast, it is not a matter of if – but when – you will be hit by a significant storm. When it comes time to rebuild, you should be able to rely on your insurance carrier to help get you back on your feet. If your hurricane or storm claim is delayed or denied or if the waves of paperwork and phone calls from insurance adjusters rise higher and faster than the flood waters, you may need the help of an insurance litigation attorney that’s experienced in hurricane damage claims.

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