Flood Claims

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The Law Offices of Shane McClelland represents individuals treated unfairly by their insurance company in the wake of flooding incidents.

Texas suffers from more than its fair share of named storms, tropical depressions and hurricanes. But a broken pipe, localized flooding or a rising creek, though not enough to make national news, is more than enough to spell disaster for a family.

When the rains stops and the flood recedes, you may be left with a flooded car and a ruined home. In the worst cases, you may have no place to live and find yourself at the mercy of strangers.

The process of rebuilding and replacing ought to begin as soon as possible. But, for some, the flood of water is just the beginning of a flood of a different kind. You may find yourself flooded with denials, excuses and demands for detailed inventories that no reasonable person would keep.

When an insurance company delays payments, refuses claims or sends their handpicked “experts” to tell you why your claim is without merit, you may need the help of a Houston flood claims lawyer or a Texas insurance denial attorney.

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