Fire Claims

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Herbert & McClelland LLP represents individuals treated unfairly by their insurance company in the wake of a fire.

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Fire has long been the worry of every homeowner. While home fires still happen, they are fairly rare events. Recently, the typical worry of a fire starting from faulty wiring or a cooking accident has been replaced by the fear of drought-fueled Texas wildfires.

From the end of 2010 to the beginning of 2012 almost 30,000 separate fires were reported in Texas. Those fires engulfed almost 4 million acres and destroyed 2,800 homes and a similar number of commercial buildings. In September of 2011, Bastrop County experienced the worst wildfire in Texas history which burned 34,000 acres and destroyed 1,600 homes. Many more residents returned to homes that were still standing but suffered from heat, smoke or water damage. Still others lost crops, timber, cars, machinery and out-buildings, not to mention the massive cost of debris removal.

When the fires are extinguished, the process of rebuilding ought to begin as soon as possible. But some victims of fires get burned twice. When an insurance company delays payments, refuses claims or sends their handpicked “experts” to tell you why your claim is without merit, you may need the help of a Texas insurance litigation attorney.

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