Houston Social Security Disability Lawyer

Many in Houston that apply for Social Security Disability Benefits get turned down. The process of applying for Social Security disability benefits can be difficult for people who aren’t familiar with the Social Security Benefits system. A significant number of Houston people that start the disability benefits process by themselves have their initial claims turned down.

A Texas disability claims attorney can often improve your chances of success significantly by presenting your case in the most favorable light. At Herbert & McClelland LLP in Houston, we handle Social Security Disability Claims as well as Texas Workers’ Comp claims, and other Work-Related Injuries.

Your personal injury or injuries sustained on the job may entitle you to receive Social Security Disability. If you have been injured or disabled and have applied for Social Security Disability and been turned down, contact a Houston Social Security Disability Lawyer at Herbert & McClelland LLP at 713-987-7100. A Social Security Disability claim may require a careful analysis of the facts by an experienced attorney to assess, appeal or resubmit your claim.

Do You Qualify?

  • Have your Social Security benefits been denied?
  • Have been employed at least 5 out of the last 10 years?
  • Does your physical disability prevent you from obtaining any kind of job?
  • Does your treating Doctor state that you are unable to return to work?
  • Does your Physician believe that your disability is chronic or will last greater than one year?
  • Have you become employed but been terminated due to not being able to perform the duties of your job?

If your answer is YES to one or all of the above questions, Herbert & McClelland LLP wants to help you qualify for SSDI – Social Security Disability.
If you or a loved one have been unable to work at any gainful employment for at least a year and your condition is a permanent one, Herbert & McClelland LLP would like to have speak with you to discuss your legal options and try to assist you.

Herbert & McClelland LLP can help to get your case out of the hands of the local office and before the a fair-minded judge who will listen to you and review the evidence. Herbert & McClelland LLP will look over the complex laws and regulations that apply to your legal problem and we will find the evidence that shows whether you’re disabled. It may be that what you think is evidence may not be evidence to a judge.

If you have a Social Security Disability claim, Herbert & McClelland LLP may be able to help you to get the full and fair benefits and compensation you are entitled to.

Herbert & McClelland LLP works strictly as determined by Federal Law, and generally receives 25% of the past-due benefits payable to the Claimant and any auxiliary beneficiaries entitled to benefits under the claimant’s account. If we are not successful in a recovery of benefits in your case, we absorb any and all costs and charge no fee.

If you have been injured on the job or in the course of your employment, or if you have been denied Social Security Disability Benefits contact Herbert & McClelland LLP in Houston Texas for at 713-987-7100 to discuss your legal options with a disability lawyer for your ssd, ssdi, or ssi disability claim.

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