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Crime and violence can occur almost anywhere. When a crime victim suffers a needless injury during an attack that may have been avoidable because a property owner failed to implement adequate security measures to protect the public, the property owner may be facing a lawsuit by the injury victim. If you were assaulted or attacked and seriously injured as a result of a facility owner, property owner or Management Company, or a business failing to provide adequate security, then you may have a valid claim against that business or landlord.

Herbert & McClelland LLP is prepared to handle all types of negligent security cases involving inadequate security at buildings, apartment complexes, shopping centers, malls, bars & nightclubs, restaurants, hotels, and other facilities that resulted in a personal inquiry. Businesses have an obligation to provide you with appropriate security to protect you from crime that can occur on their premises; especially when there’s been a known history of crime in the area.

When property owners, businesses, shopping malls, office buildings, bars, clubs and restaurants invite large segments of the public onto their property, they have a duty to take reasonable measures to protect those on their property from violent crime. The same is true of property owners and managers of apartment complexes and multifamily dwellings, as they have an obligation to keep the residents, occupants, and visitors reasonably safe while on their premises.

When a property owner or property manager knows or should know that there has been a previous occurrence of crime on the property, or there is a pattern of violent crime in the vicinity, the property owner could be held liable for the failure to provide adequate security based on their knowledge. Negligent security claims may involve a wide range of legal issues and parties which can include:

  • Premises liability claims
  • Landlord liability
  • Management company liability
  • Failure to provide adequate parking lot security
  • Failure to maintain effective locks, security gates, and doors
  • Substandard security at concerts, festivals and live events
  • Apartment complex security problems
  • Inadequate security at nightclubs or bars
  • Negligent university or college campus security
  • Lack of sports venue security
  • Failure to properly screen or supervise security personnel
  • Negligent store security
  • Failure to maintain working security cameras or surveillance
  • Inadequate ATM security
  • Assaults in stairwells, elevators and other common areas
  • Failure to maintain adequate lighting

Negligent security is a challenging area of the law as it often involves premises liability claims and more than one defendant or responsible parties. If you or a family member have been attacked at a bar, assaulted in an apartment complex, injured by a store employee, or seriously harmed at a business or on another’s property, and you believe negligent security was a factor, please contact Herbert & McClelland LLP at 713-987-7100 now for a free initial consultation about your inadequate security injury claim.

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