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State and Federal employment laws were enacted to protect employees from discrimination and unfair labor practices. When an employment dispute arises, or when an employer violates an employee’s rights under the law, it’s important to get legal advice in order to understand your legal options. Getting legal advice from an experienced Texas employment litigation lawyer can not only put your mind at ease, but may help you obtain a much better outcome than handling an employment dispute on your own.

Whether your employment claim is for unpaid wages, discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, a work accident or an on the job injury, an experienced employment lawyer can make all the difference when it comes to protecting your interests.

At The Law Offices of Shane McClelland, we take pride in providing comprehensive legal counsel to employees and former employees of small companies and big corporations alike, handling a wide range of employment cases. If you think that your current or former employer has violated your legal rights at work, and need legal help, take action. Our Houston employment lawyers represent employees in lawsuits that seek damages for violations of Texas labor laws, as well as federal labor law violations.

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The Houston employment litigation attorneys of The Law Offices of Shane McClelland have helped many succeed in their employment law claims and we may be able to help you advocate for your legal rights under the law. If you have an employment law question or need advice on your rights as an employee, call Texas SuperLawyer Shane A. McClelland for a free case review of your employment law claim. We have the resources to help employees fight back and hold employers and former employers accountable.

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