Class Action Lawsuits – Houston Class Action Lawyers

The Law Offices of Shane McClelland lawyers in Houston represent people and families of loved ones throughout the State of Texas who have Class Action claims. The Law Offices of Shane McClelland personal injury lawyers have represented people from all walks of life who have suffered injuries, disability, or the wrongful death of a loved one whose claims have been part of a Class Action. In the law, the term Class Action is a procedural device or method used in litigation in order to determine the rights and remedies, if any, for large numbers of people whose cases involve common questions of law and fact.

In the context of Personal Injury, Class Action litigation and “mass” tort litigation involve situations where a number of people may have been injured or somehow damaged by the actions of a single or small group of defendants.

The Law Offices of Shane McClelland in Houston handles a variety of Class Action claims. It’s important to know that not every defective product, defective drug or drug injury is considered a Class Action claim. The cases and lawsuits that may already be Class Actions are always evolving and what is a defective device, defective drug, or serious injury case may evolve into a class action later on.

If you have questions concerning a potential or existing Class Action claim by you or a family member, please contact the Houston class action attorneys at The Law Offices of Shane McClelland for a free initial consultation to discuss your legal rights. Our Houston Class Action Lawyers handle class action lawsuits, claims, and settlements in Houston, Texas, and Nationwide. Call 800-741-0718.