Hurricane Harvey Claims

Hurricane Harvey Lawyers

Thousands of Houstonians’ homes and businesses flooded during Hurricane Harvey, wreaking devastation to people’s homes and businesses. If you drive around Houston, you see the streets lined with the remnants of people’s lives. You see sheet rock, insulation, clothes, children’s toys, furniture, and refrigerators. All ruined because of Hurricane Harvey’s flood waters.

Many of those homes and businesses will never recover their property values even after repairs are complete. Unfortunately, that means many families and businesses’ biggest asset—their home and business—have diminished in value significantly and will likely not recover.

Harvey was a catastrophic storm that dropped epic amounts of rain on the Houston area, but that does not give the insurance companies the right to delay, discount, or deny payments for damage to your home or business that Hurricane Harvey caused.

Insurance companies like to deny hurricane damage claims.

If Hurricane Harvey damaged your home or business, and your insurance company or insurance adjuster is underestimating the scope of your damages, under-paying your damages, or delaying the payment of your damages, Herbert & McClelland may be able to help you get the compensation and justice for your hurricane damages.

Unfortunately, if you live or operate a business in Houston, you’ve probably been affected somehow by Hurricane Harvey. Now that the storm is over and it’s time to rebuild, you should be able to rely on your insurance carrier to help get you back on your feet. When your hurricane damage claim or flood damage claim is being delayed or denied by the waves of paperwork and phone calls from insurance adjusters, you may need the help of an insurance litigation attorney that’s experienced in hurricane damage claims.

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