Hurricane Harvey Lawsuits

Have you been affected by Hurricane Harvey?

Is the insurance company treating you unfairly?

The Houston Hurricane damage attorneys at Herbert & McClelland LLP may be able to help. Insurance companies like to deny hurricane damage claims or take their time paying them. In many cases the insurance company may underpay or minimize your damages to save money leaving you, your family, or business without the fair compensation you deserve to get back on your feet. Nothing compares to the helplessness many feel during and after a natural disaster, and people & businesses alike rely on their insurance policies to make things whole again.

At Herbert & McClelland, we know that sometimes the only way to get the insurance company to pay is filing a lawsuit. If your insurance company is delaying payments, minimizing your hurricane claim, or simply denying your damages, fight back. Call the hurricane lawyers at Herbert & McClelland LLP 713-987-7100.

If you have been denied or underpaid due on a hurricane damages claim, filing a lawsuit may be a legal option to pursue fair compensation from your insurance company.  To get more information on you legal options or to learn more about Hurricane Harvey Lawsuits call Herbert & McClelland LLP at 713-987-7100 for a free case evaluation.