Commercial Litigation & Business Lawsuits

Herbert & McClelland LLP represents individuals and businesses of all sizes in all types of business disputes and help clients explore alternatives to litigation.

If you’re looking for a Houston commercial litigation attorney or a lawyer for a business lawsuit in Dallas, Galveston, Austin, San Antonio or anywhere throughout the state of Texas (or country, for that matter), we’d like to hear from you. Whatever the type or size of business, our firm offers personalized service, where our clients’ interests are put first when deciding a legal strategy. Our knowledgeable commercial litigation lawyers in Houston and around the state are here to help you assess your case.

We handle business and commercial litigation including contract litigation, business torts (fraud, tortious interference, defamation), partnership disputes, shareholder suits, real estate litigation, oil and gas litigation, closely held corporation shareholder disputes, corporate debt collection, corporate fraud, officers and directors liability, corporate misrepresentation, franchise and operating agreement disputes. We have also assisted corporate clients in some phases of regulatory compliance and in implementing appropriate employment and human resource policies.

It is, in part, our litigation experience that helps us advise our clients during the formation of a contract, partnership, or commercial deal. In the legal world and in the business world, an ounce of prevention is truly worth a pound of cure. An experienced commercial litigation attorney in Houston, Austin, Dallas, or San Antonio, for example, could be an invaluable resource.

Not every case should be litigated, and Herbert & McClelland LLP helps its clients explore alternatives to litigation that fit each particular matter. But when it should, Herbert & McClelland LLP vigorously represents its clients’ interests with cost-effective and innovative legal strategies, regardless of which side of the case the client is on.