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Our law firm represents businesses of all sizes in all types of disputes and helps clients explore alternatives when litigation isn’t warranted.

Herbert & McClelland LLP represents businesses of all sizes in all types of business disputes, from small disputes to billion dollar multi-party lawsuits. Herbert & McClelland LLP offers personalized, comprehensive, reliable, and cost-effective service to all of our clients. We handle business and commercial litigation, including contract litigation, business torts (fraud, tortious interference, defamation), and partnership disputes.

Not every case should be litigated, and Herbert & McClelland LLP helps its clients explore alternatives to litigation that fit each particular matter. But when necessary, Herbert & McClelland LLP vigorously represents its clients’ in the courtroom with cost-effective and innovative legal strategies.

Many contracts require commercial disputes to be resolved by arbitration or binding mediation if a dispute arises. Do not be caught asleep at the wheel. Arbitration and binding mediation are just as final and just as important as trial. In many cases, arbitration and binding mediation allow a very limited right to appeal. That means your company may have only one chance to get it right.

If your company has been sued or if you have been sued as an officer or owner of a company, then you should speak with an experienced commercial litigation attorney right away. Whether you are faced with an alternative forms of commercial dispute resolution (like arbitration) or with a civil trial, a commercial litigation attorney will be able to help you evaluate the claims and defenses available to you.

Often times the role of a commercial litigation attorney is to help a company make the right business decision to avoid a lawsuit. That decision making process may require an evaluation not just of legal issues but also of the broader goals and risks associated with your company. The commercial litigation attorneys at Herbert & McClelland LLP can help your company make the right choices in both the board room and court room.

At Herbert & McClelland LLP our team of experienced commercial litigation attorneys has handled a wide variety of claims representing both Plaintiffs and Defendants. From corporate fraud to commercial debt collection – from contract drafting to contract litigation, we have handled everything from billion dollar suits to renewing commercial leases.

You run your business on a budget and business litigation is no different. The experienced commercial litigation attorneys at Herbert & McClelland LLP can help you evaluate claims and risks, and they can also help make sure that your time and your money stay dedicated to your business and not litigation.

When it comes time to defend your business, your owners, your officers, your employees and your livelihood, consider the experienced commercial litigation attorneys at Herbert & McClelland LLP.

If your business needs a commercial litigation attorney to handle a lawsuit or commercial dispute, please contact a Houston Business Lawyer at Herbert & McClelland LLP. Simply fill out our free case evaluation form or call us at 713-987-7100, and someone from our office will respond to you promptly to help you assess your business lawsuit and commercial litigation needs.

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